One ICO per week

I had first read about Bitcoin in 2010 during my first year at University. I remember how I thought, that this was perfect timing. I had just moved to France and for the first time in my life had a little money left. I’m talking about 200,- Euro. I decided to keep track of Bitcoin without really understanding the technology behind it. I just enjoyed it because nobody else seemed to know about it, at least nobody I knew. I set a bookmark for the post I found in a German Ubuntu forum where I had first read about Bitcoin. All the time, that link was up there in my browser bar. I had done a little research on how to get Bitcoins, but it seemed really complicated to me at that time. I said to myself: Try it and buy some for 50,- Euros and see what will happen. If I had done that, I would have been a millionaire at 25.

I missed out on Ethereum as well because I was broke. 50,- Euros was all I could afford to buy some ETH in 2016. Soon after that I bought a couple of more, still priced at around $10,- at the time, but for the purpose of investing in my first ICO: Chronobank. It was the first initial coin offering I ever heard of. At that time I didn’t even know that ETH too had been sold in an ICO. To be honest, Chronobanks concept didn’t even really appeal to me, but I liked the idea of helping a business get started while having the chance to make some money off it myself. I did. But not as much as I would have made if I had just kept the 4.5 ETH.

Looking back, I see three missed chances: The first was when I forgot about Bitcoin in 2010 and eventually lost interest in the years to come. The second was when I was too poor to buy more ETH in 2016. The third when I had some money, but instead of spending it on Ether I randomly picked an ICO to invest in. Still, all this was worth it. I had my first cryptocoins, learned about ICOs and potential use cases of blockchain technology. That in itself is amazing.

One ICO each week

Now there is a new interesting blockchain project every week. Of course, money is an incentive but what really amazes me is that with little money and an internet connection I can invest in startups that might one day be among the biggest tech companies in the world. To me, that’s the democratization of investment. Back in the days when you wanted to get into investing you needed access to both the knowledge as well as to the institutions that could hook you up with the best investment opportunities. Try finding a broker that will accept your 50 bucks. Today with ICOs all you need is a computer connected to the internet, the will to learn and some luck. Investing is no longer only for those who already have money; it’s for everybody who can put a couple of Euros aside.

I’m starting a blog series now. Each week I’ll present one upcoming or running ICO that I find interesting. The goal of that series is not to find the best opportunities in terms of profit but to show how blockchain technology can be put to use. This will not be one of those blogs that try to rate different ICOs. There won’t be scores or anything. Just a simple text presenting one of those new projects that I personally find interesting – be it because I have an interest in the use case because I find it innovative or surprisingly stupid. After all, even when a whitepaper is shit because the project is never going to work anyway, it’s still amazing to imagine how that business may work one day.