About Me

Karim Dabbouz

Work: I‘m a digital strategy and marketing consultant, as well as a copywriter and journalist. I‘m convinced that marketing and product development need to go hand in hand. Find out more about my work and services.

Thinking: I‘m passionate about dissecting systems and finding underlying mechanisms. I love challenging belief systems in order to stimulate progres, be it in a company or political debates.

Writing: I write on politics, society, and technology for different German-speaking media. If you dig deep enough, you will find some fiction as well, though most of it is hidden (for now). Have a look at my blog.

Profiles: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook.


Digital Marketing

I use data and work with hypotheses to get the most out of your marketing budget. I‘ll also happily complement your team if all you need is a pair of extra hands.

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Digital Product Development

I help you develop digital products and services based on your company‘s current business model and capabilities.

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Copy and Writing

I write good copy.

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I have worked with agencies as well as startups and large companies. Check out my Linkedin for reference or send me an email.